Microwave Dave & The Nukes


August 2019
Date Venue City, State Comments
8/2 Swampers/Marriott Shoals Florence, AL 8-11pm
8/3 Insanity Complex Madison, AL 6-9pm
8/7 Lumberyard Huntsville, AL 6-9pm
8/10 Three Caves Huntsville, AL NUKES w/ Kenny Neal 5:30-10pm
8/14 Lumberyard Huntsville, AL 6-9pm
8/16 City Lights & Stars/Burritt Museum Huntsville, AL NUKES w/ Darrell Tibbs 7:30pm
8/23 Shoals Meets the Stones/Princess Theater Decatur, AL w/ Muscle Shoals musicians 7pm
8/28 Lumberyard Huntsville, AL 6-9pm
8/29 Nook Huntsville, AL 6:30-9:30pm

September 2019
Date Venue City, State Comments
9/4 Lumberyard Huntsville, AL 6-9pm
9/7 Mentone Inn Mentone, AL NUKES 7pm
9/8 Honor Walk/Space & Rocket Center Huntsville, AL w/ Aeolians & Jed Eye
9/11 Lumberyard Huntsville, AL 6-9pm
9/13 Brickhouse/Providence Huntsville, AL 7-10pm
9/14 St. Bernard Blues & BBQ Cullman, AL NUKES noon-2pm
9/15 Humphrey's Brunch Huntsville, AL 11am-2pm
9/16 Star Market Golf Classic/Ledges Huntsville, AL NUKES 4pm
9/18 Lumberyard Huntsville, AL 6-9pm
9/19 Lumberyard Huntsville, AL w/ Michael and Juliet Dinallo 7pm
9/20 Hotel Indigo Tuscaloosa, AL NUKES 7pm
9/22 Humphrey's Brunch Huntsville, AL 11am-2pm
9/25 Lumberyard Huntsville, AL 6-9pm
9/26 Greene Street Market Huntsville, AL 4-7pm
9/27 Lumberyard Huntsville, AL NUKES 8pm

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