Microwave Dave & The Nukes


June 2018
Date Venue City, State Comments
6/1 Lowe Mill CBG Fest Huntsville, AL 6-9pm
6/6 Lumberyard Huntsville, AL 6-9pm
6/9 Lumberyard Huntsville, AL NUKES 8pm
6/13 Lumberyard Huntsville, AL 6-9pm
6/15 Muscle Shoals Library Muscle Shoals, AL 2pm
6/15 Swampers/Mariott Shoals Florence, AL 8-11pm
6/20 Lumberyard Huntsville, AL 6-9pm
6/24 Microwave Dave Day Huntsville, AL NUKES time tba
6/27 Lumberyard Huntsville, AL 6-9pm
6/28 Nativity Concert Huntsville, AL 7:30pm

July 2018
Date Venue City, State Comments
7/3 Lewter Hardwre Huntsville, AL 11am-1pm
7/7 Keegan's Huntsville, AL 8pm-11pm
7/11 Lumberyard Huntsville, AL 6-9pm
7/12 Rock House Eatery Guntersville, AL w/ Ingrid Felts 6-9pm
7/13 2nd Friday Concert Cullman, AL NUKES 5-9pm
7/14 Lumberyard Huntsville, AL w/ Ingrid Felts 8pm
7/15 Humphrey's brunch Huntsville, AL 11am-2pm
7/18 Lumberyard Huntsville, AL 6-9pm
7/19 Humphrey's Huntsville, AL w/ Clay Swafford 7pm
7/20 W.C. Handy Festival
Sheffield Library
Sheffield, AL 10:30am
7/20 W.C. Handy Festival
Swampers/Marriott Shoals
Florence, AL 8-11pm
7/23 W.C. Handy Festival
Florence Library
Florence, AL 10:30am
7/23 W.C. Handy Festival
Florence, AL NUKES 6-10pm
7/24 W.C. Handy Festival
Rogersville Library
Rogersville, AL 10:30am
7/25 W.C. Handy Festival
Tuscumbia Library
Tuscumbia, AL 11am
7/25 W.C. Handy Festival
306 BBQ
Florence, AL NUKES 7-10pm
7/26 W.C. Handy Festival
Muscle Shoals Library
Muscle Shoals, AL 10:30am
7/26 W.C. Handy Festival
City Hardware
Florence, AL NUKES 7-11pm
7/27 W.C. Handy Festival
Flo Bama
Florence, AL 11:30am-2:30pm
7/27 W.C. Handy Festival
Florence, AL NUKES 8-11pm
7/29 W.C. Handy Festival
Sheffield, AL w/ Travis Wammack 6-9pm

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